Organic foods are becoming increasingly popular. More and more people are opting for this approach for the health benefits. But what does organic really mean? When we see food labels with ‘100% organic’, do we understand how they are produced? Sadly, most of us do not. We are so intrigued by the hype from our colleagues and friends that we rarely put in the time to do our own research. Today, we will be discussing the true definition of the word ‘organic’. What does it entail? And what are the advantages of eating these foods?

The word organic simply means all-natural. It deals primarily with how the food we eat is produced. For example, crops that are grown in soils without synthesised fertilizers or pesticides are considered organic. Animals reared for meat without the inclusion of GMOs (Genetically Modified genes) during their growth are also organic. Now, why are organic foods more beneficial as compared to GMO foods? Well, there are a variety of reasons. Let’s have a look.

  1. Organic produce has no pesticides

 Traces of fungicides, pesticides and herbicides are PRESENT in the food you eat. Though you won’t drop dead at the dinner table choking, these small traces affect your body with time. In fact, they have been shown to increase the chances of developing cancer. By going organic, you’re saving yourself from a potentially expensive health bill in the future.

  1. Organic cereals contain more nutrients

A recent study conducted in Europe showed that certain nutrients present in organic cereals were 50% higher than in GMO plants. This is because organic crops were supplied with all-natural fertilizers, and were given a larger time frame to grow to maturity. However, GMO plants had accelerated growth, hence missed out on some essential nutrients.

Organic food is fresh

Have you ever eaten an organic meal? You’ll probably lick your fingers afterwards!! Well, the same cannot be said for a regular GMO meal. However, for organic foods, you get to savour all the juiciness and tastiness of your meal. Wouldn’t you rather appreciate someone’s cooking in its natural form?

Sadly, organic food isn’t that hip-pocket-friendly. That is why we at Naked Foods saw it fit to make our all-natural products as affordable as possible to all our customers. Moreover, they come fresh and natural; just as mother-nature intended them to be.