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Message From The Naked CEO on COVID-19

Dear Naked Team & Community,

With fear now spreading faster than the actual virus itself I wanted to address the current challenges we face from COVID-19 (Coronavirus) personally with you. 

A bit like Naked Foods, this virus doesn't discriminate between boarders, race or sexual preference, we are all human & everyone is being affected by the recent outbreak either directly or in-directly. 

However, this is not the time for mass hysteria. We have a duty & a responsibility to each other to engage in positive behavioural changes that can not only stunt & slow the spread of this virus but also allows our planet to live & with that in mind we will be rolling out some changes to your Naked Shopping Experience with us.

So what does that mean for you, our Naked Community?

Firstly, I believe it's important to communicate that we will continue to provide a safe & hygienic retail environment for you to shop with us and also for our staff to work in, and we will continue to do so for as long as we can.

Secondly, my belief is the entire community deserves the right to be able to shop in a stress free, clean environment, with great products readily available to choose from & our team is working tirelessly to maintain this for you both in-store & on-line.

Thirdly, it's a known fact that Naked Foods was built on the common principle of "taking it off" and "stripping it back to nature".
We provide only the very best Organic & Sustainably Sourced products, from tea to toothpaste, we source locally (where we can) & we will continue to to provide products & innovative solutions to enable you to achieve a zero waste lifestyle.

At this time we are asking our Naked Community to practise the highest level of personal hygiene at all times (not just whilst you're shopping with us) or during a global pandemic but at all times, that's just common sense isn't it? We also recommend that anyone who feels unwell or even anxious at this time seeks assistance. Both physical & mental health is important at all times and from our part we will be making sure that products are readily available online for you to order so you can have them delivered direct to your door should you be unwell.

What Steps We Are Taking In-Store?

Jar Bar, Open Sampling & Our Recycling Programs have been suspended until further notice. Please recycle sustainably while you can whilst we are working to get these programs available for you again.

Should you wish to sample any of our products in-store the Naked Team will aim to assist you when it's possible to (if in doubt just ask).

It makes sense for both our valued Naked Team & you, our valued Naked Shoppers if payments are processed via tap & go with us in-store (if you can).
Further to that we will be providing single use gloves for you to grab & use whilst in store with us (just check in with the Naked Team & they will assist you).

During this time of extreme global challenges we ask that simple common sense is used at all times, remember to breathe, be vigilant in practising good hygiene & check in on the elderly & vulnerable within your community at any time you can.

Lets spread the Naked Love NOT the germs!

With thanks for your co-operation at this time.

Naked Foods CEO

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