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We are being told to stop, rest & reset (sounds better than isolation right?) & there's no denying Mother Earth has been begging us to do so for quite some time now! But if you look around she is already starting to feel a little better!

From Ocean Life returning to The Venice Canals to satellite images showing a significant decrease in air pollution we must consider, is this another plea from Mother Earth?

As custodians of this planet it is our responsibility to use these challenging & unique times positively, to make positive sustainable changes, not only to protect ourselves & our wider communities, but also our beautiful planet.

From shopping more sustainably, saying no to heavily processed & manufactured foods packing & products to sourcing locally. Naked Foods have been at the forefront of this in Australia. During this time of social distancing we will work around the clock to meet the demand for our community & provide the delivery solutions you may require at this time.

Check in with your closest Naked Store via phone / email / or in person so we can ensure we get your Naked Supplies, Staples & Essentials to you when you need them.

For those of you with great recipes to share, or tips on general 'stuff to do' during 'global lock downs' (& toilet paper shortages) feel free to pop over to our Naked social pages and share your ideas with the wider Naked Community.

We'll give the best idea a $250 Naked Foods eVoucher to use either in-store or on-line with us.

Good luck, stay safe & Shop Naked x

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