Organic Coconut Flour

Organic Coconut Flour



Organic coconut flour is a delicious, low carbohydrate, high-fibre, grain-free and naturally gluten-free alternative to wheat flour made from fresh organic coconut flesh. Organic coconut flour is a versatile ingredient with a naturally sweet taste suitable for consumption by people who are sensitive to gluten, who are following a paleo or low carbohydrate diet or who simply love the fresh, sweet taste of coconut

Served Best

Coconut flour is commonly used for baking and adds a coconut flavour. Its light texture yields similar results to regular flour and is good for baking breads and desserts. Note that coconut flour absorbs a lot more water than regular or almond flour.


Coconut Flour is high in the saturated fat lauric acid. This medium-chain triglyceride can provide energy for your body and may help lower “bad” LDL cholesterol in combination with the flour’s fibre content. Research suggests its fibre content may help maintain healthy blood sugar levels, as it does not cause them to spike.


Organic Coconut.

Nutritional Information

Serving Size: 50 g
Average Per 100g:

Energy: 1264 kJ
Protein: 12.1 g
Carbohydrate: 10.3 g
Sugars: 9.2 g
Fat Total: 10.9 g
Fat Saturated: 9.6 g
Sodium: 50 mg


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