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Organic Pearled Barley

CODE: 1096
Origin: Australia

Organic Pearled Barley is a popular nutritious grain with a mild nutty flavour. Pearled barley has been lightly milled to remove part or all of the germ and bran, leaving just the 'pearl' inside.


Nutritional Information   Average quantity per 100g
Energy   1357kj
Protein   8g
Carbohydrates   61.2g
Sugars   0.7g
Fat Total   2.4g
Fat Saturated   0.4g
Sodium   15mg

Ingredients: Organic Barley

Benefits  See the benefits of this product

Barley is a particularly rich source of fibre, molybdenum, manganese and selenium. It contains good amounts of copper, vitamin B1, chromium, phosphorus, magnesium and niacin. Barley’s high fibre content helps food move through your gut and promotes a good balance of gut bacteria, both of which play important roles in indigestion.

Served Best See the best way to serve this product

Organic Pearled Barley may be cooked and served as a side dish similar to rice or couscous. Once cooked, it can be used in salads, to thicken soups, broths or stews or for stuffing.

How to cook  See how to cook this product

Organic pearled barley cooks faster than unhulled barley grain and is less chewy. To cook, simmer 1 part barley in 4 parts water for 30-45mins.