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Vegan - Late Night Snack Box

Origin: Naked Foods
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Have you been having snacky cravings at night? If you're on a Vegan diet, you might struggle to find healthy options, but now we've got you covered with our Late Night Healthy Snack Box! We've added some guilt-free snacks to satisfy your late-night food cravings:

Calming Tea
Insulated Coffee Cup
Dark Vegan Chocolate Macadamias 100g
Vegan Rocky Road 100g
Organic Medjool Dates 100g
Dark Vegan Chocolate Coffee Beans 100g
Dried Organic Australian Mango 90g
Low-Sodium Tamari Almonds 100g

These vegan-friendly, healthy, and low-calorie snacks are perfect for you (or your friend if you feel like gifting this box) to enjoy late at night.


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