Organic Hulled Tahini
Organic Hulled Tahini Organic Hulled Tahini

Organic Hulled Tahini



This organic tahini has been made by milling hulled sesame seeds (the husk of the seed is removed) using a traditional stone grinding technique.

Served Best:

Tahini spreads easily on bread and toast and has a delicious mild nutty flavour. Deliciously nutty, it is a healthy alternative to butter or nut butters. It is also great to make a sauce and is an essential ingredient in making hummus.


Organic Hulled Tahini - Serving Size: 20g

Nutritional Information:

Avg Per 100g
Energy (kj): 2717
Protein (g): 23.3
Carbohydrate (g): 4.2
Sugars (g): 1.2
Fat Total (g): 58.5
Fat Saturated (g): 8.7
Sodium (mg): 21

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