Unsalted Blanched Peanuts

Unsalted Blanched Peanuts



Our Australian peanuts have been blanched with their skins removed. A delicious snack and an excellent bowl ller at any party. The peanut is not a nut, but
a legume related to beans and lentils. These unsalted blanched peanuts are packed with protein, bre and antioxidants.

Served Best:

Our jumbo Australian peanuts are perfect to snack on, make peanut butter with, or coat in chocolate!


Australian Peanuts - Serving Size: 30g

Nutritional Information:

Avg Per 100g
Energy (kj): 2670
Protein (g): 25.1
Carbohydrate (g): 14.1
Sugars (g): 4.4
Fat Total (g): 52.8
Fat Saturated (g): 7.9
Sodium (mg): 3