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Organic Whole Rye Flour

Origin: Australia

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Organic Whole Rye Flour is a popular ingredient throughout Northern and Eastern Europe. It has a stronger flavour than wheat flours and produces baked goods that are moist and dense. Rye flour is often combined with wheat flours for a lightly textured bread which still retains the distinct rye flavour.


Nutritional Information Ā  Average quantity per 100g
Energy Ā  1334kj
Protein Ā  12.4g
Carbohydrates Ā  54.9g
Sugars Ā  1.4g
Fat Total Ā  2.3g
Fat Saturated Ā  0.03g
Sodium Ā  4mg

Ingredients: Organic Whole Rye Flour

BenefitsĀ  See the benefits of this product

Of the daily recommended dosage for each, 100 grams of rye contains 2% of calcium, 14% of iron, 15% vitamin B-6, and 27% of magnesium. Rye flour is high in fibre, can help lower blood pressure, can improve the digestive system and can boost oneā€™s metabolism.

ServedĀ BestĀ See the best way to serve this product

Organic Whole Rye flour is a traditional ingredient in many breads, cakes, and pastries throughout Northern and Eastern Europe.

How to cookĀ  See how to cook this product

Organic Whole Rye Flour works best mixed with other flours for baking. Organic rye flour can be also used to make rye starters and sours.

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