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We loved your shop before the lockdown, and we love it during lockdown. Great and usable website. - Gil S.
Delivering you delicious healthy snacks where-ever you are! - Brooke L.
I usually come to Naked Foods once a month to restock my Pantry, I love that you can get as much as you need! - Caitlin R.
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Australian Certified Organic Badge

Certified Organic

Our organic products are sourced from certified suppliers, following strict ACO standards.

Farm to Table

Farm to Table

We ethically source our products directly from like-minded farmers and producers.

No Nasties

No Added Nasties

Our products are all natural, nutritious, healthy, no-GMO and without any nasties added.

Sustainable Shopping

Sustainable Shopping

Simply eat what you love and buy what you need, with less food waste and less packaging.

Naked Foods: Your Online Health Food Store Reimagined

Healthy minds, healthy bodies, healthy everything, Naked Foods’ tasty organic whole foods strives to make you feel amazing and confident in your own body so you can enjoy the little things in life for longer. Looking after your body is of the utmost importance. Not only will you get sick less but it means you won’t get to miss out from the most important things in life, whatever they may be.

While daily exercise and a regulated sleep schedule are crucial to aid in healthy living, maintaining a balanced diet is essential for keeping your body healthy from within. It all comes down to eating natural foods that aren’t laden with synthetic preservatives. Naked Foods is your one-stop health food store obtain the necessary nutrients that your body requires without the dangerous and often addictive additives.

Feeling overwhelmed? Understandable. But, if you’re dedicated and ready to kickstart your ‘healthy mind, healthy body’ journey, we’re here to make it happen. At Naked Foods, purchasing health food online bulk has never been easier and stress-free. With a variety of affordable essentials from pantry essentials like pasta, cereals, beans and protein necessities, baking supplies, herbs and spices, seed-based snacks to the occasional indulgences like filling dried fruits and chocolates (a little bit of chocolate never hurts anyone!)- we have all the necessary nutrient-enriched grocery essentials in one place, and all at an affordable price point.

Your Online Bulk Organic Food Shopping In One Place

You won’t have to worry about going up and down the health foods aisle and reading the packaging at your local grocery store ever again! Naked Foods aim to make an affordable and accessible way for people to find the organic whole foods our local Australian farmers have to offer. We only source products from the best suppliers across Australia assuring that our freshness and quality is always above to anyone else. With a wide range of natural foods available, we aim to supply the most universal range of health foods and nutritious recipes, and have it conveniently delivered right to your doorstep

Naked Foods does its utmost to cater to specific dietary requirements from vegan-friendly to a variety of gluten-free food products. Additionally, all healthy snacks including nuts and dried fruit are “Dry Roasted” weekly without the additional use of cooking oils. This guarantees 100% freshness and ensures we don’t lose a healthy food product's “true” taste. Our health food store is that dedicated to providing you utmost quality!

If you’re on the hunt for healthy snacks or deliciously baked natural food essentials, Naked Foods has got you covered! Ready to get shopping? Sign up today to get started!

For more information about our health food online, contact our friendly team for more information.