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Whether you enjoy basmati rice, Italian-style risotto, the hearty taste of brown or purple rice to the flavourful Nasi Goreng dishes of Indonesia, rice is a staple food enjoyed by all. And we have a few organic rice varieties at Naked Foods.


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The grain is not just a plate filler; itā€™s the livelihood for at least a fifth of the worldā€™s population who relies on rice cultivation for income, so itā€™s important to support these local communities and consume our fill. Hereā€™s a few facts you probably didnā€™t know about rice. All white rice starts as brown, with white rice thatā€™s been polished and rid of its outer bran layer, and grown on every continent except Antarctica. Just one see of rice can result in over 3,000 grains!

But what are the benefits of rice?

There are many types of organic rice in the world, each with their own specific health benefits. Usually, when shopping for rice online, the food product is categorised by their shape and colour.

White rice has had the fiber-rich outer bran along with the germ removed. Nevertheless, white rice is a powerhouse of energy and helps keep the gut healthy. It also has a long shelf-life, allowing you to store the food for extended lengths of time. While white rice can be steamed and enjoyed as is, it can be used in a variety of tasty dishes and used for fried rice and burritos. Brown rices, on the other hand, features both the bran and germ, making the grain nutrient and fiber-rich, and retains a wholesome nutty flavour that can instantly add texture to a dish. Whatever preference you choose, the cooking possibilities are endless.

*Please note, not all Naked Foods products are considered organic. Please refer to the product description for more information, or donā€™t hesitate to contact our team if you have any enquiries about a specific food product.

How to shop with Naked Foods?

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From organic rice, tasty dried fruit, breakfast cereals, pastas and chocolate, we are your one stop shop for all things health-food related. We do our best to give our customers an online bulk buying service thatā€™s stress-free and super straightforward. Our stores are located Australia wide so you can have access to our delicious range of affordable pantry essentials 24/7.

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