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Join Naked Rewards online or in-store and as a Naked Member you get 20% off your first order!
Join Naked Rewards and get 20% off your first order!

Become a Naked Supplier

At Naked Foods we take great pride in choosing only the best products for our customers. We aim to stock organic products where we can, and any conventional products we stock must meet very strict selection criteria.

If you'd like to supply products to us you must be aware that it must be free of artificial colours, flavours and sweeteners, free of artificial preservatives, GMO Free, free of hydrogenated fats and grown without the use of insecticides. Please be aware that it must also be available in bulk, unrefrigerated. If that's your product - we'd love to hear from you!

Samples are the best way to get our attention - we'd never put a product in store without testing it ourselves first.

You're welcome to send us an email to info@nakedfoods or provide us with information in the form below.

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