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Join Naked Rewards and get 20% off your first order!

Organic Beans & Pulses

The benefits of beans, legumes, lentils and organic pulses family, they are an affordable and easy source of protein, iron, fiber and vitamins as well as other health ... where do we start? Part of the Fabaceae benefits. They are used widely in a variety of dishes around the world including the Mediterranean, Asia, Lebanese, India and more.


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Beans and pulses are packed with essential nutrients and amino acids, making them an excellent addition into your diet. Benefits include -

  • High in protein, featuring 20 amino acids
  • Rich in fibre
  • Essential antioxidants
  • Rich in polyphenols to increase body metabolism
  • Low in fat
  • A good source of healthy carbohydrates
  • Filling and satisfying
  • Cheap and good value for money
  • Long shelf life

When it comes to recipes and cooking, the possibilities are endless with beans . Use them in indian-style dahl or to add to a spicy chili Con Carne! Think outside the box and surprise yourself with what you can create.

Prepping Organic Pulses & Beans

In a rush to whip something up? Luckily, organic beans, pulses , legumes and lentils are the most convenient food group imaginable! All you need to do is to cook our “dry baked” beans and pulses soak them in water and leave them overnight. This gives you plenty of time to prep and plan the most delicious (*and nutritious!) meal imaginable. The world is your oyster!

Buy Beans & Pulses Online in bulk

At Naked Foods, you have the option to purchase our organic beans and pulses online in small to large sizes, including bulk. By bulk buying, we can save you significant costs and you always have beans, lentils and legumes on hand if you’re doing last minute cooking for the family! No need to worry about an expiry date as this healthy food group has a fairly long shelf life.

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