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Organic Dried Currants

CODE: 1053
Origin: Australia

These 100% Australian Organic Carina Currant are a variety unique to Australia that grows vigorously to produce exceptionally high quality small seedless blackberries. These currants have a sweet and unique tangy flavour.


Nutritional Information   Average quantity per 100g
Energy   1233kj
Protein   2.8g
Carbohydrates   65.1g
Sugars   63.2g
Fat Total   0.5g
Fat Saturated   0.1g
Sodium   46mg

Ingredients: Organic Dried Currants.

Benefits See the benefits of this product

Black currants are known for their high content of vitamin C, GLA (Gamma-Linoleic Acid) and potassium. They contain twice the amount of potassium found in bananas, 4 times the vitamin C in oranges and twice the antioxidants in blueberries. Black Currants contain anthocyanins that help in fighting against cardiovascular disease, ageing, joint inflammation, eyestrain, urinary infections, kidney stones and even cancer.

Served Best  See the best way to serve this product

Organic currants are very popular as a snack, in trail mixes, muesli and baking. They are delicious in cakes, biscuits, puddings and a variety of savoury dishes or curries.