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Organic Dried Apricot

CODE: 1049
Origin: Turkey

Grown in the valleys of the Malatya region of Turkey, these dried apricots are full of goodness and flavour. Because no preservatives are added i.e. sulphur dioxide (E220 or 220), the natural and organic sun-dried apricot is light brown to brown in colour and drier than conventional sun-dried apricots.


Nutritional Information   Average quantity per 100g
Energy   927kj
Protein   4.5g
Carbohydrates   43.5g
Sugars   42.4g
Fat Total   0.2g
Fat Saturated    0.1g
Sodium   39mg

Ingredients: Organic Apricot.

Benefits See the benefits of this product

High in fibre and low in calories. Dried apricots have calcium, which strengthens bones and preserves nerve function. They also include magnesium, which has calming qualities that can assist with anxiety. It can also aid with muscle spasms and cramps, in addition to providing relief for insomnia. They also contain Vitamin A (which promotes healthy vision).

Served Best  See the best way to serve this product

They are an ideal healthy snack, can be added to cereal and trail mixes and used in baking. They are perfect for lunchboxes.