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Dried Apricots

Dried apricots are a tasty morning and afternoon snack that are often overlooked.

With their delicate, velvety skin and golden orange colour, apricots (fresh and dry) have a lovely sweet and tart flavour reminiscent between a peach and a plum. As a healthy snack, apricots may help to boost the immune system as they contain flavonoids and essential vitamins such as vitamin A. However, theyā€™re delectably chewy texture and sweetness makes for a great way to curb the sugar cravings and can be enjoyed alone, added to your favourite trail mix for a little variety, can be blended into smoothies or topped on your favourite yogurt.

Thatā€™s not all.

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Similar to raisins, dried apricots are often used as ā€˜secret ingredientsā€™ for many savoury cooking recipes. Their subtle sweetness and almost jelly-like texture can balance the ā€˜saltinessā€™ in certain dishes to create a more enjoyable dining experience. For example, have brown rice tossed in sauteed veggies and garlic? Add dried apricots to bring out the middle eastern flavours. If you're tired of your boring breakfast bages, why not mash ripe bananas, spread over a bagel and top it with dried apricots? Better yet, pair any strong camembert cheese with diced apricots and wheat crackers for your next charcuterie board. 

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