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Dates are undeniably a super fruit that needs to get more recognition, not just for its amazing health benefits but for its taste and versatility to go with anything! Popular in Middle Eastern cooking and in baking, dates are high in natural sugars and fibers and have a sweet, caramel taste that is just delectable.

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Dried dates can be enjoyed on their own as an afternoon snack, make a fantastic accompaniment with bitter coffee, can be made in a delicious date, cheese and rocket salad or enjoyed in raw donuts, and protein balls. Whatever you feel like grabbing out of your snack draw, feel rest assured Naked Foods is determined to curb your cravings in a healthier way!

If you’re looking to swap out granulated sugar in your baking recipes, incorporating chopped dried dates into your recipe can be a healthier option without having to sacrifice sweetness. 

As dates are high in fiber and naturally sticky sweet, the fruit can be blended into a binder for protein bars, cookies and even sticky date pudding! They can also be added as your source of fiber and healthy antioxidants for smoothies. 


*Please note, not all Naked Foods products are considered organic. Please refer to the product description for more information, or don’t hesitate to contact our team if you have any enquiries about a specific food product. 


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We aim to promote a healthy and sustainable lifestyle for all by providing food just as nature intended. Our ‘Buy what you need’ model means less food waste and minimal packaging, leaving our planet a cleaner and healthier place.

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