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Chocolate-coated, ground into a spread or used in your favourite pie crust, hazelnuts have been a popular flavour favourite among cooks and bakers. You can have roasted hazelnuts in so many of your food items and not know about it. It’s in your favourite sandwich, coffee, and in almost any savoury or sweet dish, can serve as a complimenting ingredient.

A quick source of energy and plant-based proteins, raw hazelnuts are renowned for their nutty and creamy taste, which is often accompanied by earthy notes. Sometimes it’s described as having a buttery texture, which proves popular by foodies of all ages.

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When chopped or ground into baked goods like muffins or banana bread, roasted hazelnuts can give recipes an assertive aroma while giving it an extra crunch. If you’re purchasing chocolate truffles for a loved one, you can guarantee you’ll taste the distinct flavour of finely chopped hazelnuts in this decadent treat. 

It’s not just sweet dishes. Hazelnuts can easily be roasted with chopped garlic. Together, the caramelised flavour of the garlic is emphasised by the nutty aromas of the hazelnut. This harmonious blending of flavours can then be accompanied with a fried chicken sauce and lemon to further magnify the flavour’s intensity. 

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