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Herbs, Spices & Salts

Let’s face it. Food indefinitely tastes better when it’s properly seasoned.

Cooking connoisseurs and food enthusiasts are fully aware of the importance of ground herbs and spices. They are probably the most important element of any meal. Whether it be ground paprika, cumin, coriander seeds or a rich batch of Italian mixed herbs, the following can instantly transform a bland dish into a mouthwatering meal full of flavour.


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Not to mention that herbs and spices are Mother Nature’s most versatile food, packed with incredible nutritional benefits- healthy diets can be just as tasty if you master the basics of using herbs and spices.

And shopping for organic spices and herbs online are unequalled in both taste and quality. Such products are unprocessed, free of any synthetic additives and grown without pesticides.

In fact, many herbs and spices have been used for centuries as alternative remedies to increase overall wellness. 

Cooking with Naked Foods’ Herbs & Spices

Once you familiarise yourself with the different types of spices available to you and their unique flavours, it becomes easier to work with them. Organic oregano is perfect for garnishing and providing an aromatic essence to a tomato-based pasta. Ground coriander and paprika are ideal to add an element of zest into a curry and work well for roasting,  sautéing, or mixed in with fresh foods. Infuse dried herbs into virgin olive oil and make a delicious accompaniment to freshly baked bread.

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