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Pistachio Nuts

They’re found in a plethora of Middle Eastern desserts. They can be enjoyed alone as an on-the-go snack. They can even be ground into sauces or flavoured ice cream. However you enjoy them, shelled pistachios are another pantry favourite that is often overlooked in favour of other nuts on the market.

Native to Asia Minor (now Turkey), pistachio nuts are sometimes regarded as a ‘royal nut’. As legend has it, the Queen of Sheba decreed the nut was to be consumed exclusively by members of the royal class. Going so far as forbidding commonors from growing the nut for personal consumption. Today, pistachios are commercially sold worldwide, eaten by people from all backgrounds and used in international dishes from Italy to Iran.

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When it comes to taste, our pistachios online possess a rich, earthy taste and while they aren’t as versatile as other nut types, they can be eaten in a number of ways. 

As a healthy snack, eating pistachios plain (raw or roasted), is the most common way they are enjoyed and a good source of minerals including potassium, phosphorus, magnesium as well as calcium. 

Shelled and finely chopped pistachios are usually springled in arugula salads or pureed with oil and herbs to make a creamy salad dressing. Ground pistachios can be also added to dough to give bread a thicker texture. In desserts, chopped pistachios are added to make truffles, pastries or even made into a mouth-watering gelato. 

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