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In need of a cuppa? A steaming cup of  tea a day keeps the morning blues and the stress away. Introduce one or three of our delicious aromatic teas into your daily life and instantly experience, and see the improvements to your overall wellness. With so many flavours in existence and a plethora of health benefits to offer, tea continues to be a popular beverage consumed by enthusiasts worldwide at any time of day.

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Benefits of Tea & Coffee

Whether you’re a big tea drinker or can’t go without a cup of coffee in the morning, tea and coffee is host to a range of health benefits. Simply put, tea and coffee is 100% pure tea leaves or pure coffee beans that haven’t been grown with the help of added herbicides, GMOs and additives.

Tea itself has been enjoyed by consumers and celebrated for its health benefits since 1500 BC. Originating in the far East, tea drinking likely began in the Yunnan province as a medicinal drink. Today, it’s since become a beverage for all casual occasions.

Today, there are a variety of different teas online, each having its own unique health benefit- from energy inducing, immune boosting, calming to antioxidising.

Other tea benefits include:

  • Improves indigestion by stimulating activity in the healthy gut bacteria
  • Assists weight loss when combined with regular exercise
  • Has a calming ingredient, due to its featured ingredient theanine
  • Regulates blood sugar levels
  • Improves sleep and reduces body inflammation

At Naked Foods, you can purchase a variety of delicious flavours to choose from, each with their own properties for you to benefit from.

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