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Macadamia Nuts

Whether theyā€™re added to salads, coated in delectable milk chocolate or even enjoyed as a dairy-free milk option, we love our macadamias. Native to Australia, macadamia nuts are a definite pantry staple you should be reaching for more often- not just as a snack, but for cooking and baking.

Macadamias have a rich and smooth buttery flavour, attributed from the high oil content within them. As a result, they are high in monsurated fats which can help reduce bad cholesterol and prevent heart disease.

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While they can be eaten raw, roasting or salting the nuts can draw out their natural creamy texture and subtle sweetness. Because they are naturally grown in more tropical climates, their flavour pairs beautifully with coffee, coconut and lemons. 

Because of their rich buttery flavour and their oil content, macadamia nuts are great to use in desserts and reinforcing cookie dough and pie crusts. They can also be used to complement more bitter flavours and drinks, and are often used as alternative ingredients in cooking. For example: 

Macadamia flour is a low-carb flour option for baking. Macadamia milk on the other hand can be made at home by soaking the nuts and blending them together and straining them. Drink it as a standalone beverage or used in spicy curries and baking recipes as a dairy-free alternative. 

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