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From adding texture and crunch to your favourite banana bread, sprinkled on your favourite summer salad to being enjoyed as is, walnuts have the ability to work in any recipe.

Boasting a mild taste with subtle sweet notes, walnuts are the only source of nut that is high in Omega-3s. These are essential fatty acids that may assist in lowering bad cholesterol and improving your brain function.

Not only that, the nuts are an ideal choice for cooking when lightly toasted.

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Whether they’re coated or plain, walnuts can easily be cooked in a skillet or baked in the oven to transform them into the ultimate crunchy snack. Add these roasted nuts into your favourite recipe to bring out the best flavour. 

Once toasted, walnuts become extra buttery and golden. High heat brings out the delicious nutty aroma which adds a delightful flavour level of desserts, salads and side dish recipes. Walnuts become buttery, golden, and ultra crunchy after toasting them in the oven.

The high heat brings out the natural nutty aroma that adds a delightful flavor to salads, desserts, and side dish recipes.

We enjoy mixing them into Banana nut muffins, sprinkling them into your favourite overnight oats to adding them to a cooked brussels sprouts salad. 

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